Prison law

Members of Chambers have been involved in many of the leading cases securing the civil rights of prisoners and developing important remedies.

> members of the prison law team

GCN has one of the largest teams of prison law experts in the country. Our members have regularly appeared in adjudications and particularly undertake parole board hearings at prisons throughout the country. We also undertake civil actions against the Home Office, representation before lifer, parole, and recall panels, death penalty cases, Categorisation of prisoners in particular Cat A and calculation of sentences, and we provide written advice on all aspects of prison law. We also have a substantial body of expertise in undertaking judicial reviews in this area.

Our members have been involved in some of the highest profile prison law cases in recent times including Noone v. SSJ [2010] UKSC 30 (calculation of release dates and HDC entitlement); R (Guittard) v. SSJ [2009] EWHC 2951 (discretion to transfer to open prison without a hearing) ; R.v. Round & Dunn [2009] EWCA Crim 2667 (consecutive sentences and HDC); R. (Mohammed Ali) v. SSJ [2009] EWHC 1732 (reasons for escape risk classification to be provided); R (Lowe) v. Governor of Liverpool Prison [2008] EWHC 2167 (re-categorisation decisions); SSJ v James and Lee [2009] 2 W.L.R. 1149 UKHL 22 (release of IPP prisoners and provision of course). Other important prison law cases undertaken include Ezeh & Connors v UK [2004] 39 EHRR 1 (regarding Article 6 in prison adjudications); R on the application of Middleton v Sec of State Home Dept [2004] 2 AC 182. (leading case on application of Article 2 to Inquest proceedings and the ambit of neglect verdicts); R v Gov of Brockhill Prison, ex parte Evans (No.1) [1997] 2WLR236 (calculation of remand time); R v Brockhill Prison, ex parte Evans (No 2) [2000] 3WLR 843. (Leading false imprisonment case); R v Stocker [2003] 2 CrAppR(S) 54, CA, and R v Bingham [2004] (cases on the relationship between remand time, administrative recall and Section 116 orders).

Reported cases

Click here to see full details of reported cases.

Seminars and legal training

Click here to view details of recent Prison Law seminars and seminar papers. A comprehensive 5-day prison law course is also available.

Members of our prison law team also provide in-house training to solicitors. The team have recently provided training covering topics such as:

  • an overview of prisoners' rights
  • prisoners and human rights
  • the duty to give reasons in decisions relating to prisoners
  • Judicial Review of decisions relating to prisoners

The team are able to tailor any training to your specific needs and so would be happy to discuss any other ideas you may have for topics. Contact Helen Ray for more details.

Prison law legal updates

Chambers produces occasional Prison law legal updates. For more information click on the link below.

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